Two Bills Move on for Final Passage Vote

On July 12, 10 of 11 bills were approved by the House Ways and Means Committee. These bills, designed to expand access to Consumer Directed Healthcare, were re-packaged into two bills (Rules Committee Prints 115-82 and 115-83). This past Monday, the bills were approved by the House Rules Committee, and today will move on for final passage vote under a closed rule process.

Read on for a brief summary of both bills:

H.R.6199, as reported by the House Rules Committee (Print 115-82)

  • Allow first dollar coverage flexibility for High Deductible Health Plans (H.R.6301)
  • Allow certain health care services to be provided at employer on-site clinics or retail clinics without disqualifying an individual from contributing to an HSA (H.R.6305)
  • Allow contributions to an HSA under certain circumstances if a spouse has a health FSA (H.R.6305)
  • Adds menstrual care products as a qualified medical expense for tax-free reimbursement from these accounts (H.R. 6199)
  • Allow certain qualified sports and fitness expenses to be treated as qualified medical expenses (H.R.6132, as approved by the Ways & Means Committee)

H.R.6311, as reported by the House Rules Committee (Print 115-83)

  • Remove the $500 limit on health FSA amounts that can be carried forward to a future year (H.R.6313)
  • Allow HSA-eligible working seniors enrolled only in Medicare Part A to contribute to their HSAs (H.R.6309)
  • Increase the HSA contribution limits to the statutory limits on out-of-pocket expenses (H.R.6306)
  • Allow both spouses to make catch-up contributions to the same HSA (H.R.6306)
  • Deem Bronze and Catastrophic plans as HSA-qualified plans; also allows anyone to purchase Catastrophic plans (H.R.6311)

H.R. 4616, which would delay the Cadillac plan tax was not re-packaged into either bill (115-82 or 115-83). Proficient Benefit Solutions will continue to keep you updated on the status of these bills.