HRA Claims

Submit an HRA Claim

To submit your HRA Claim, click on this HRA Claim Form link. You can then print, complete, and sign the form. Scan and save it and your supporting Explanation of Benefits (EOB) information to your computer. You can submit your claim through your Proficient Connect Portal or by email at

If submitting through Proficient Connect portal or App the claim form is not required and you can upload a picture straight from your phone.

If submitting by email you must include the claim form and your total file size cannot exceed 10mbs. Documents must be attachments (i.e. .pdf .jpeg .png).

Once processed you will receive a confirmation email that your claim has been processed. The timing of reimbursement for HRA claims varies by client. If you would like to check on the status of your claim processing or reimbursement you can contact us at 210-659-8100 or