What is an ERISA Wrap?

ERISA requires all private sector employers, regardless of size, to distribute a Summary Plan Description, (SPD) to all plan participants. The SPD must describe all of the plan rules and benefits; as well as provide key information about the plan. (For example, the plan number, employer’s Tax ID, name and address of the plan’s legal agent, etc…)

Insurance companies provide a booklet or certificate that explains the benefits. However, most booklets/certificates do not comply with the ERISA requirements applicable to SPDs. The easiest way for employers to comply with ERISA is to adopt a Wrap document.

A Wrap document is a relatively simple document that “wraps” around the insurance policy or coverage certificate/booklet. The benefits available under the plan continue to be governed by the insurance policy or coverage certificate/booklet, while the Wrap document supplements with the information necessary to comply with ERISA.

Wrap documents may also be used by employers to consolidate employee welfare benefit plans into a single plan, commonly referred to as an “umbrella” or “mega-wrap” plan. Consolidating employee welfare benefit plans into a single plan could reduce the costs associated with filing multiple annual reports, distributing multiple summary annual reports, and amending multiple plans in response to legislative or regulatory changes.

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