5500 Reporting

What is 5500 Reporting?

Form 5500 annual reporting is used to report employee benefit plan’s annual information to the Department of Labor. If the plan is subject to ERISA and has 100 or more participants, the form is required each year, no later than the last day of the seven months after the plan year has ended.

Penalties for failing to file 5500 reports can be significant and are increasing. At Proficient Benefit Solutions, we make it easy to file every year and to file on time. We offer a streamlined and efficient process. Just log in, review the completed documents, sign the form and that’s it!

Why Use Us?

Proficient Benefit Solutions can access past 5500 filings and can also quickly provide:

  • DOL/IRS form 5500 and associated schedules
  • Summary Annual Reports (SAR)
  • Other related forms (such as Form 5558)

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