Cadillac Tax Repeal and the House “Consensus Calendar”

The “Cadillac Tax” may be one step closer to full repeal under a new House rule that came in to effect earlier this year for the 116th Congress (read more about this rule here). The rule provides for a bill to move out of committee and straight to the house for a direct floor vote in the unusual circumstance where at least two-thirds of total House membership have cosponsored a bill. So, if a bill gets at least 290 cosponsors, it’s lead sponsor can then get it out of the committee jurisdiction and place it on the “Consensus Calendar” where at least once per week, the House considers a measure placed on this calendar as designated by the Speaker.  At last count, the bill that would repeal the Cadillac Tax (H.R. 748) was at 276 co-sponsors; 151 Democrats and 125 Republicans (see who the cosponsors are here).

While this is far from a guarantee, it does look promising and is clear that the repeal of this tax is something that both parties support.