Millennials are Becoming Better Healthcare Consumers

The Millennial generation has passed the Baby-Boomers in size at 75 million.

Every day more Millennials are entering the work force and beginning their careers; in anticipation of this increase, employers should familiarize themselves with what Millennials are looking for when it comes to their healthcare.

The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) recently released a report finding distinct differences in the way Millennials interact with their healthcare providers versus how Baby-Boomers or Gen X-ers interact. For example, according to the research, Millennials are more likely to get engaged in researching their healthcare options. They are more likely to use cost tracking tools to create a budget for their healthcare, more likely to research the cost of a healthcare service before getting the service, and more likely to check the ratings of healthcare professionals before setting up an appointment. Millennials are also twice as likely as Baby-Boomers to be interested in walk-in clinics or telemedicine services. You can read a brief summary of the research here!

Employers can use the information provided by this study to tailor healthcare options to the largest generation in the workforce.

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